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Tours & Attractions

Enjoy the Welcoming Accommodations of Bed and Breakfast at The Wedgwood, while exploring the City’s  many attractions during your Johannesburg stay.

History indicates, Man normally started communities close to water.  Here, Johannesburg ruled the exception. Gold was the reason for Johannesburg’s beginning in 1886.  Our City is probably one of the few inland Cities that is not close to a large water way, but paradoxically enough Johannesburg’s beginning is precisely because of rivers – primeval  underground rivers – that when  Earth was still young, with fierce pressure of melted mass and geological movement deep inside the crust of the Earth,  Gold was shuttled into the area.

Today, Johannesburg welcomes thousands of visitors each year as they arrive from all over the world, to enjoy this exciting Cosmopolitan City.  Since there is so much to see and so many things to do, we can connect you with some local tours to explore with more that meets the eye.

  • Johannesburg City Tour
  • Soweto Tour
  • Johannesburg Art Gallery
  • Johannesburg Zoo
  • Constitutional Hill
  • Pretoria City Tour
  • Pretoria Zoo
  • Voortrekker Monument
  • Union Buildings
  • Cradle of Human Kind
  • Pilansberg Game Reserve
  • Johannesburg Lion Park
  • Apartheids Museum
  • Ellis Park Rugby
  • FNB Stadium
  • Wanderers Cricket
  • Sandton Convention Centre